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Protest Humor

Immigrant rights activists built a giant wall made out of painted cloth outside the RNC in Cleveland, making fun of Donald Trump's idea to build a wall along the entire Mexican border. Turns out, their approach fits in to an international protest tradition: using humor in the face of deadly serious issues.

Yes Magazine. July 2016.

Fighting Depression with a Family Tree

LaKisha David’s sense of dread increased as her turn approached. The professor had asked the students to introduce themselves by telling the history of their names. "It was humiliating, because I couldn’t do it," David remembers. A year later, she discovered her slave ancestors.

Yes Magazine. January 2016.

Polaroid & the Projects

Youth at a public housing project in Cambridge, Massachusetts have been photographing their lives and neighborhood for 50 years. They started in the mid-1960s when the Polaroid Corporation, which was next door to the projects, began donating cameras. 

Boston Globe Magazine. November 2015.

It's spring already? More snow, please.

For some Bostonians, nine feet of snow wasn't enough.

New Republic. May 2015.



A Forgotten Greek Neighborhood, Gutted by Crisis

“My neighborhood has become a supermarket of human trafficking,” said Dimitris Tzekis as he walked through Xyladika, a place nearly deserted in daylight hours. When the Greek economic crisis hit, this Thessaloniki neighborhood had already been on the decline for years.

MIT CoLab Radio and Parallaxi Magazine (in Greek). April 2015.

Dive Bar Kitchen is Boston's 'Hidden Pearl'

On a Saturday morning just after 11am, Albert Pisani is peeling the translucent skin off onions he sliced the night before. He put them through a multi-step process: rinse, dip in batter, and toss in breadcrumbs. He makes four onion rings at a time.

Dig Boston. November 2014.

Five Ideas to Fix Downtown Crossing

Rethinking Boston's pedestrian-ish zone.

Boston Globe, Ideas section. November 2014.


In Uphams Corner, He Makes Art Hit Home

Boston's preeminent public artist, Cedric Douglas, outfits an old truck to make a mobile art studio for a gentrifying city neighborhood.

Boston Globe. May 2014.


Photo by Aditi Mehta.

Photo by Aditi Mehta.

Boston's Beloved Jail Pastor

Rev. Laura Ahart comforts the families of murder victims as she presides over their funerals, and she ministers to the murderers at Nashua Street Jail.

Boston Globe. January 2014.